Richland One Parents To Receive Hundreds Of Dollars In EBT Cards

The State newspaper reports today that 467,000 school kids parents will receive an EBT card for $330. These are for students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch at their schools between March 16 and June 3, when schools were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the S.C. Department of Social Services. This applies to every student in the Richland 1 school district. Back in 2015 School Officials told WIS TV that they had decided to give every kid in their schools free breakfast and lunch despite the fact that 27% of the families earned too much money to qualify.

In SC a family of 3 has to earn less than $28,236 in order to qualify for free school meals. If it was a single parent and 1 child they would have to make less than $22,412.

SC education officials felt like they needed to pay for the breakfast and lunch for kids who didn't get to have their free meals for the 2 and a half months that the program was down. All 23,000 families in Richland 1, including the estimated 6300 families who make more than the limits will receive the EBT card. If you are in Richland 2 or any other Midlands school district you still have to make less than the state income levels require in order to receive the $330.

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