Danny Masterson Arrested & Charged With Raping 3 Women

“That 70s Show” star Danny Masterson has been charged with three counts of rape. He’s facing 45 years behind bars after being charged in three separate cases dating back nearly two decades.

Masterson is accused of rape by multiple women. He had reunited with fellow That 70's Show star Ashton Kutcher on Netflix’s “The Ranch”. However he was fired in 2017 after four women accused him of rape, which he has denied.

He’s now been charged in three separate incidents, one alleged rape of a 23 year old taking place in 2001 then another in March 2003 of a 28 year old and another in October 2003 of a 23 year old – the victims have not been named in the district attorney’s release.

Masterson was at the height of his fame then with That 70's Show running from 1998 - 2006.

Masterson’s attorney Tom Mesereau notes that Masterson and his wife, Bijou Phillips, who he has been married to since 2009, are “in complete shock” by the “nearly 20-year-old allegations,” but is confident the actor will be exonerated when “all the evidence comes to light.”

When Masterson was fired in 2017 as part of the #MeToo movement he said “in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused.” He also claimed he was being targeted because of his devotion to Scientology.

One of his former friends Leah Remini has been accusing the Church of crimes for years and celebrated Danny's arrest on Twitter last night.

That ''70s Show 100 Episode Celebration April 10, 2002

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