BLM Activists Pay For Deputies Meal

There has been a lot of stress in our country the past few weeks and it seems as if we are dividing ourselves into two camps, but a couple of women wearing Black Lives Matter shirts just helped to unite all of us. The two African American women had finished their breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Nashville. They noticed a white deputy eating alone. As they were leaving they sent over a note and waved to him as he read it.

The note simply said "Black Lives Matter, but so does yours. Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.”

Jody McDowell thanked the ladies on Facebook.

He's received hundreds of comments including this one from Shelby Bursby of Gallatin TN: GOD BLESS THESE AMAZING WOMEN AND AMAZING OFFICERS!! GOD ALWAYS PUTS HIS ANGELS WHERE THEY ARE NEEDED!!

These ladies show us all how to fight for your cause while also fighting to unify the country.

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