8 Things McDonald's Is Ending

The website Taste Of Home has a story about 8 things that you won't see at McDonald's anymore.

Visible smiles. The phrase service with a smile is now outdated as they are requiring their employees to wear masks.

Self serve soda machines. They will either be closed or manned by employees.

Counter pick up. They will deliver everything to your table including straws now.

Touchscreens. Most will be removed but even if your local franchise owner decides to keep theirs the cleaning requirements will be so demanding that they will become more frustrating than simply waiting in line to order.

Normal lines. New markings will show customers where they are to stand for social distancing.

PlayPlaces. According to the story McDonald's had been removing them pre COVID anyways due to falling interest, but the pandemic is now accelerating their demise.

All day breakfasts. In addition to all-day breakfast, other items will be temporarily removed, including chicken selects, salads and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Bathroom door handles. McDonald’s recommended a number of new (and expensive) purchases to update restroom spaces. These include adding foot-pulls for door openings, switching from blow dryers to automatic towel dispensers, and installing other hands-free gadgets.

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