Loneliness Tripled During Past 3 Months

The stay at home orders had a big impact on folks’ mental health according to a new report published in Women's Health

The new Women's Health Interactive survey of over 1000 people finds:

  • Loneliness has nearly tripled due to the lockdown.
  • 58.1% of people say they’ve been feeling somewhat or much lonelier since lockdown began, while only 20.7% felt that way before it started.
  • 60.6% of women reported feeling somewhat or much lonelier during lockdown, and increase from 18.4% pre-lockdown.
  • 55% of men said they felt somewhat or much lonelier during lockdown, as compared to 22.4% pre-lockdown.
  • Singles reported feeling the most loneliness overall (66.7%).
  • Those who live with children reported the biggest increase in loneliness, 55% during as compared to 16.7% before.

Of course not being able to do the things they normally could resulted in a lot of those lonely feelings. The top things folks missed most include:

  • Being with friends and family (59.5%)
  • Dining out (47.2%)
  • Traveling or going on vacation (26.6%)
  • Going to work (26.4%)
  • Going to entertainment venues (24.4%)
  • Working out at the gym or fitness class (23.9%)
  • Attending church (15.3%)
  • Social hobby (12.6%)

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