Garbage Man Saves Elderly Couple From Burning Home

Patrick Lebow was on his collection route as a garbage man for the city of Ceres CA when he saw smoke coming out of a home on his route. He believed that there were people inside, so without hesitation he ran up the lawn, kicked down their front door and went into the burning home to find them! He found an elderly man on the couch who was very confused. The man said he had a wife but didn't know where she was. Patrick carried him out to the lawn then went back in and found her at the back of the home and carried her to safety.

The Fire Dept arrived about 5 minutes later but the home was fully engulfed by then. Ceres Fire Chief Kevin Wise credits Lebow with saving the couple’s lives. “Who knows what might have happened if it wasn’t for his actions and taking it upon himself to do something about it,” he says.

Patrick says he didn't do anything special. "I saw people who needed help. I could help them, so I did. That's called being a decent human, it's nothing special".

I will disagree with Patrick and say running into a burning home to save people is always special.

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