"Adult Star" Arrested Over Death Of Photographer Sniffing Toad Venom

The BBC reports that a Spanish porn actor/director was arrested after an 11-month investigation into the death of a photographer that died during a toad-venom ritual. Police say Nacho Vidal (IMDB page) was arrested for involuntary manslaughter and violating public health laws.

It seems the photographer, Jose Luis Abad, died at the porn stars' house after inhaling the poison of an endangered North American frog known as the Colorado River toad. In fact, police say that Nacho was regularly throwing toad venom ceremonies because the substance contains the compound 5-MeO-DMT, or better known as the “God molecule,” dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

His lawyers say that Nacho is very upset by the death of this person, but he considers himself to be innocent and that he “maintains that the consumption [of the venom] was completely voluntary.”

Nacho Vidal 'Impavido' 7/24/12

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