Protesters Around Country Unite To Stop Looters

Saturday night America, was shocked, saddened, and then ticked off as we watched groups of anarchists set fire to buildings, police cars and loot businesses here in Columbia and around the nation. Sunday the anarchists had a rougher go of it thanks to the protesters!

For example in Santa Monica a man with a hammer was trying to smash into an REI store when a woman protester stepped in front of him. He tried pushing her away but she kept stopping him. Eventually another man spoke to him and he went away. She told the local media 'We’re here for the protests but when we see people looting, it defeats the cause. So we decided we would come here and when we see anything happen – any violence or anything that shouldn’t happen – we’ll try our best to stop it. REI doesn’t need to be broken into'.

In DC a rioter who was damaging a public sidewalk was stopped by protesters who carried him over to the hands of police.

In Brooklyn a group of protesters blocked another group from breaking into a Target store.

The overwhelming majority of American's support our fellow citizens rights to protest, regardless of the issue. Black Lives Matter or Taxes Are Too Damn High and every issue in between. The looters are opportunists who are taking advantage of the chaos created by large crowds. But it's bad news for looters when the crowds start turning on them, and that's good news for the country.

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