Mom Won't Help Son Get Out Of Jail Over Quarantine Violation

23 year old Tarique Peters attends Mercy College in NYC, but his mom has no mercy for him violating quarantine rules. Last week he flew to Hawaii for a vacation. His mother, Marcia, tells the NY Post "I told him not to travel. I told him not to go. I told him to cancel all his vacation (plans) because he knows what’s going on in America and all over.”

He posted selfies on social media showing himself all over the island which were brought to the attention of local authorities. Hawaii has a rule that all out of state tourists must self quarantine for 14 days before visiting the sights. Tarique was arrested and was being held over the weekend on a $4000 bond.

Mom said he knew the risks of going over there. "They told him the rules at the airport before he got on the plane. They told him again when he got off the plane. I told him weeks ago to not be stupid. 'Stay home' I said. But he want's to do what he wants to do so now he has to sit in jail in for a while".

On a side note, I thought we were letting people out of jail because of the coronavirus, not putting them in!

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