This Calculator Calculates Your Chances Of Dying Of COVID 19

A team of clinicians, epidemiologists, statisticians and data scientists in the UK have created an online calculator that allows you to enter some variables about yourself like age, underlying conditions and then it tells you your scientific chances of dying from coronavirus.

Now this is based on United Kingdom population and health records so it's specific for them. They used 3.8 million health records and based their overall fatality conclusions on England having a 10 per cent infection rate and 20 per cent of people having a high-risk condition.

In a released statement the group said; "We wanted to develop this research to inform simple tools to allow interaction and exploration, by policymakers, researchers and the public. For example, we show how a 66-year-old man with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has 6 per cent risk of dying over the next year. Patients, carers, researchers & policymakers need to understand and model risks. As a first step, we have released a calculator.

If you want to try it out here's the link.

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