Man Demands Paternity Test After His Friend Discovers His Baby Is Not His

The man shares on Reddit that his best friend recently found out that his son actually isn’t his son, and that his wife cheated on him. "He was devastated when he found out but so too was our group of friends and especially me,” the man writes. “I never in 1,000 years would have thought his wife would cheat on him or pretend her child was my friend's." 

Finding out the friend’s wife had cheated has left the man thinking “anyone is capable of anything,” and it’s affecting his marriage. Seems that he found out that his wife had suspected that the best friend’s wife had cheated and that's thrown him for a loop. For some reason, finding out that bit of information has made him wonder if his kid is really his, and has demanded a paternity test. The wife agreed, but is furious! 

"I don't think she has any right to be angry after she hid information from my friend," he writes. "Who is to say she would not do the same to me if she is comfortable with keeping info like that a secret?"

The man asked folks on Reddit if he was justified in demanding the paternity test. So what do you think?

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