Teacher's Amazing Feat To Show Students She Cares During Quarantine

Yesterday we had a story about a High School Principal who took 12 days and drove over 800 miles to visit every graduate from this years class. Today we take it next level with a Wisconsin teacher whom is jogging to each of her students homes!

54 year old Paula Meyer teaches at Appleton North High School and loves running, so when some of her races were cancelled this spring, she created new routes around town that take her past the homes of her students. All because she misses them.

She’s run just over 40 miles and has visited 35 to 40 students along the way. Meyer says she doesn’t tell them when she’ll be running past their house, to keep an element of surprise. She says if they're home they come out to say hello. If they're not home she uses some chalk to write a message on their driveway. Paula hopes that seeing her in action will make a lasting impression on the teens.

“I am no wonder woman. I’m just somebody that’s determined to put one foot in front of the other until I finish,” she explains. “I want them to believe that they can do whatever they set their minds to.”

Two of her students tell Channel 11 that they love it! Morgan Roes says; "Getting to see that she's still here and I still get to be with her sort of even though these are some weird times is really nice".

Her sister Bailey agrees."It makes you feel special because she's running by you and leaving you a nice little message. So it was really cool".

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