Boy Starts Joke Stand To Help Neighborhood Mood Through Coronavirus

Callaghan McLaughlin has been running a joke stand at the end of his driveway in British Columbia since April 16th where he offers free laughs to anyone passing by. Callaghan originally hoped to open his first Lemonade stand but with the COVID 19 Pandemic he thought his neighborhood needed something different.

There’s a lot of stress in the world. And I kind of want to get some smiles on people’s faces.”

His mom Kelsea says "He typically sets up around 9:30 a.m. and spends about an hour outside. He goes back after lunch for another hour and a half or so. Our front yard also has a pretty neat treehouse so he toggles back and forth when he spots a potential ‘customer’ approaching".

Neighbors can drive by or walk up to hear one of the 16 or 17 jokes Callaghan knows. He’s been learning from a kid-friendly joke book with one-liners and practicing on his parents for six months. One of his favorites is: “What’s red, white, and blue?” Wait for it … “A sad candy cane.”

Photo: Courtesy Kelsea McLaughlin

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