Doctor Arrested For Selling COVID 19 "Treatment Packs"

Jennings Ryan Staley, 44, a physician in San Diego, was charged with mail fraud on Thursday for his role in selling “COVID-19 treatment packs” that included the medications hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

According to his ad they are a bargain “at $3,995 for a family of four, that included among other things access to Dr. Staley,” the two medications, and “anti-anxiety treatments to help you avoid panic if needed and help you sleep,”

He spoke with an undercover FBI agent and told him “It’s preventative and curative. It’s hard to believe, it’s almost too good to be true. But it’s a remarkable clinical phenomenon".

There are no known cures for COVID19 although some clinical trials with those drugs have shown that some people seem to have lessened or shortened the symptoms.

Dr Staley went on to claim "taking it before getting sick would make you immune for at least six weeks". Also not true.

When he was interviewed by the FBI “would be foolish to tell patients that the treatments are a 100% effective cure for the coronavirus".

Then they played the tape of him saying that. Oops!

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Huie this case is "about Dr Staley telling would-be customers, in an effort to sell his services, that what he’s offering is a 100% cure and it confers temporary immunity.”

"That is very different from arguing over the results of studies or the precise efficacy of a drug.” The Doctor is now facing 20 years in prison.

Dr Staley

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