App now allows you reserve spot in line at stores

The OpenTable app is doing something to help shorten your time in lines at stores according to USA Today.

As stores nationwide begin the move to control how many people are allowed in their storm at one time, the restaurant reservation site just launched a new service that seeks to prevent overcrowding in supermarkets and other retailers. The site’s software will now let shoppers choose available shopping time slots in order to minimize the amount of people in an establishment at one time and decrease lines at checkout. The hope is that with less people coming in contact with each other it will slow the spread of the coronavirus.

While many restaurants are closed for dining across the country, they are allowed to do take out orders and delivery, and the new service will help decrease the lines for those waiting to pick up their meals. According to OpenTable, just last week take out and delivery orders increased 400% across the U.S.

As for the new service, OpenTable says shopping windows and party sizes will depend on the store, but folks who reserve slots will be able receive text alerts when it’s their shopping time. 


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