Coronavirus Cure

President Trump announced today at an 11:30 press conference that COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials have already begun. He said "it looks like they're having a lot of success and we hope to get that out to the public very very soon."

The FDA has also announced that drugs approved to treat other ailments that have shown promise in treating COVID-19 are now being allowed to be prescribed by U.S. Doctors.

The top drug is named hydroxychloroquine and has been used to treat malaria and arthritis and is immediately approved for prescription and doctors say it has proven to be very effective in treating COVID-19.

At the same time a company named Everlywell has a home test for COVID-19 that will become available to the public this Monday. It will send the $135 test kit in two days (customers can pay $30 more to receive the kit overnight). The kit comes with a special swab that is long enough to take samples from the back of the nose and throat area, along with instructions for how to seal the swab sample to send it back to the company. People can also provide both spit and sputum samples as backups.

You can preorder on their website.

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