Good News Story: Man Starts Toilet Paper Exchange At Intersection

Surfer Jonny Blue tells the San Diego Union-Tribune that he was amazed to hear reports of stores being completely wiped out of toilet paper.

So he simply made a cardboard sign that reads "Share Your Toilet Paper".

The response to his impromptu toilet paper exchange in Encinitas has been huge! “People are loving it! People are honking, smiling, laughing. It’s actually been good because it’s been kind of a rough time right now.” Some people have dropped off entire cases of toilet paper but most drop off a roll or 2.

Blue gave a few rolls to a grateful motorist who said he struck out at multiple stores.

"He was like, 'Do you want me to pay you?' I said, 'No, man. Somebody gave it to me. Take it.'"

“It’s a simple thing but it’s something that’s really tangible and really affects people’s lives, and when people saw my sign it really resonated with them.”

"I think people want a sense of community. When things are really challenging, people are looking to band together and be unified."

“I just want to encourage everyone to be better,” he said. “Difficult times can reveal us to ourselves and help us see ourselves more clearly.”

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