Is The Bride Wrong For Having "Adults Only" Wedding?

A bride-to-be shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that she and her fiancé are having an adults-only wedding. Recently she says her bridesmaid asked if a mutual friend who had just had a baby would be bringing the infant, and the bride said no, which prompted a rather nasty response from the bridesmaid. The bride said she told her, “imagine thinking your wedding is more important than a baby being with their mother" and after arguing for a bit, the bridesmaid said "whatever it's your day" and left.

“My opinion is I don't want babies at my wedding, if the mother doesn't want to leave them then the mother doesn't come to the wedding,” the bride added. “My bridesmaid was saying I can't expect breastfeeding mothers to not be with their babies and if I don't care if they come, then why bother inviting them.”

The bride wondered if she was really wrong for not letting the friend bring a baby to the wedding, and most were shocked by the reaction of the bridesmaid.

  • "You invite people, and they decide if they want to come," wrote one redditor. "Some breastfeeding moms would be fine being away for a few hours and some wouldn't, it's their choice. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy."
  • "This whole 'if you don’t care then why invite them?' thing is crazy,” another added. “I invite everyone Iwould like to see/share this withbut it’s not like everyone who gets an invitationabsolutely hasto show up or the wedding is ruined.”
  • Some folks were on the fence of whether the bride was wrong or not, with one noting, "Being away from a new baby is extremely hard, but also having the attitude of not really caring whether someone with a new baby comes or not is kind of mean.”
  • One person offered the suggestion of only allowing “babies in arms” to come, since they are rarely as “disruptive” as toddlers, and the bride actually was amenable to the idea.
  • "It might be a good compromise,” the bride wrote. “I do understand what she's saying about breastfed babies it's just that I don't want everyone saying but why can't my kid come too. Because there's always those people." 
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