Most American's Wouldn't Bail Their Best Friend Out Of Jail

A study of 2000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Evite aims to reveal what friendship means to Americans. Here's some of the results.

What percentage would drive across the country (42 percent) and keeping their deepest secrets (36 percent).

33 percent would lie for them while another 24 percent would miss work just to hang with them.

Forty-three percent would bail their best friend out of jail, while a quarter (25 percent) would actually take their place in jail.

Did you notice none of these are above 50%? So most Americans won't do any of these things for their "best friends".

Top 10 things Americans would be willing to do for their best friend

  1. Bail them out of jail: 43 percent
  2. Travel across the country: 42 percent
  3. Keep their secret(s): 35 percent
  4. Lie for them: 33 percent
  5. Stay up all night: 27 percent
  6. Spend more on a gift than anyone else: 26 percent
  7. Take their place in jail: 25 percent
  8. Willing to drive insane amount of hours: 25 percent
  9. Miss work to spend time with them: 24 percent
  10. Move to a different state: 23 percent

Source NY Post

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