Mattel Creates Special Barbie For Girl With Spina Bifida

A two-year-old born with spina bifida is warming hearts on the Internet.

Ella Rogers has had a tough life. She had her first operation when she was 24 hours old and has had dozens more in her 2 years of life. She has been paralyzed from the chest down her entire life. Ella uses a wheelchair and her mom and dad gave her a Barbie who also uses a wheelchair and the little girl was thrilled. Her mom, Lacey Brown-Rogers, posted the video on Facebook of Ella and her new toy.

Her mom says “Ella is just like any other child. She is nonverbal but she communicates through sign language and she understands everything you’re saying. To know that she was included with a Barbie in a wheelchair is incredible, because it’s someone just like her.”

Ella loves her Barbie because it’s just like her and she can relate. When Mattel saw how happy that special Barbie made Ella, the toy company sent her more dolls and accessories to go with them. "We are just average people. It’s amazing. I never thought it would go as far as it has".

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