Grandparents get paternity test done to see if their son is the father

A mother shared her anger on Reddit, explaining that her boyfriend's parents have never really accepted her, and weren't happy about the baby, having concerns that he wasn't really the father of the child. But when the child was born they seemed to come around, offering to help out and buying the child gifts. 

But those happy feelings didn't last long. The boyfriend found out his parents secretly had a DNA test done on the baby and the furious mom immediately called them and told them she was done with them and that they are cut off. The boyfriend’s parents apologized and tried to explain where they were coming from, but the angry mother wasn't having it.

The boyfriend did understand where his girlfriend was coming from, but asked her to reconsider, as he still wants to have a relationship with his parents and wants them to have a relationship with their grandchild. 

  • As for how the Internet reacted, most users on Reddit supported the mother and her decision, saying things like, "By the sounds of it they got the test not as confirmation the child was his, but to try and prove the child wasn't. They tried to use a child as a weapon against you."
  • Other users understood where the mother was coming from, but noted that cutting the in-laws off completely from their grandchild was a bit extreme.

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