Majority of people lie on their resume

A new Checkster study finds:

  • 78% of people say they’ve misrepresented themselves on a resume, in other words they lied.
  • 60% of people have lied about mastery in skills they only had basic knowledge of.
  • Other common resume fibs include:
    • False reason for leaving a job (45%)
    • Made-up relevant experiences (42.25%)
    • Using a director title when they were only a manager (41.25%)
    • Listing a degree from a prestigious university instead of their own (39.25%) 

But while it may seem like a bad thing to lie on a resume, it turns out most hiring managers don’t really care. In fact…

  • 66% of hiring managers say they are willing to accept misrepresentations on a resume.
  • They are most lenient about inflating GPAs by more than a half a point, with 92% of hiring folks still willing to consider an applicant who has done so.
  • But hiring managers say the worst thing an applicant can do is give a fake reference.
  • 54% of hiring managers say they would never hire someone who faked a reference, although 43.75% say they had or would. 

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