Americans want more time off over more money

A new survey finds:

  • Folks across most age groups agree they would rather have more vacation than a raise.
  • 54% of Millennials, 53% of Gen X and 56% of Boomers value more time over more money.
  • It’s only members of Gen Z who’d rather have a raise (62%) than more time off (38%). 

When it comes to what types of vacations people are taking, that does vary by generation.

  • While 95% of people agree they are more likely to step out of their comfort zone on a vacation, Gen Z and Millennials are bigger risk takers.
  • A third of travelers actually say they’ve done something on vacation they never thought they could do, whether it’s trying a new sport, or a new skill that challenges them. 

And there's good reason folks should be taking trips, because apparently vacations do wonders for people once they’ve returned home.

  • 51% of global respondents say they feel more motivated and optimistic following a trip.
  • Another 42% say they are more motivated at work, with 79% of Americans saying they are more productive at the office following a vacation.
  • 45% of people say they are more appreciative of their loved ones.
  • 38% say they feel more able to manage stress.

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