Valentines Day Reservations Have To Be Made Today!

Today is February 4, 2020. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and if you haven’t made any plans, you better start moving.

According to a report by OpenTable

  • Most Americans wait until ten days or less to make dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day, so if you haven’t done so by today you may miss out.
  • February 4th is actually the most popular day of the year to make Valentine’s Day reservations.
  • Valentine’s is the most popular dining day of the year, with a 500% increase in reservations for February 14th, as compared to reservations made for the same day of the week that’s not the holiday.
  • 70 reservations are booked every minute leading up to Valentine’s Day.

But it’s pretty apparent folks wait too long to make their plans. In fact…

  • 74% of people have procrastinated making Valentine’s Day reservations.
  • What’s more, 48% of married couples need reminders to book their Valentine’s Day restaurant, while the same can be said for 60% of singles.
  • Romantics in California, New York and Florida tend to wait the longest to make their plans, with 17% waiting until day off to book last year.
  • Despite all this procrastinating, 64% of people consider themselves “often” or “very romantic.” 

Interestingly, making plans ahead of time can be tough for singles.

  • 74% of singles say they aren’t willing to commit to a Valentine’s Day date ahead of time, even though they admit to wanting romance.
  • Another 39% absolutely won’t accept a Valentine’s Day invitation more than three weeks ahead of time.
  • 31% say they wait just in case they get a better date option. 
  • ONE MORE THING!The survey also notes that American cuisine is the most popular dining choice for Valentine’s Day, with 46% of reservations made for steakhouses and most reservations made for 7 pm. 

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