Reality Star Has Million Dollar Purse Taken Away

“Bachelor” alum Jade Roper won’t be getting her $1-million fantasy football prize. DraftKings has stripped her of the win after she and her husband Tanner Tolbert were accused of cheating.

Roper came out on top of DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker challenge during wild Card weekend on January 5th, after choosing 150 different rosters for 300 unique entries between herself and her husband. Out of the 300 combined entries, 298 of them were unique, a sign pointing to coordination between the married couple.

Meanwhile, the couple tells “Us Weekly” that they “respect” the site’s decision… but they also wonder if the same “questions” and “accusations” would come up if they weren’t “in the public eye.” They’re insisting Roper’s win was “pure luck.”

If I had won a million and then it was taken away I'm positive my reaction wouldn't include the phrase "I respect the decision".

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