A shockingly large percentage of people breakup over bathroom habits

A new survey found that one in five people have broken up with someone because of their annoying bathroom habits.

Whether it’s not replacing the toilet paper roll, leaving hair in the sink, leaving wet towels on the floor or stinking up the place, people are very particular about their bathrooms. And while not everyone breaks up with someone because of their bathroom habits, plenty of couples argue about it.

According to the survey, these are some of the most annoying bathroom habits:

  • Leaving an empty toilet roll and not replacing it.
  • Never cleaning the toilet after making a mess in it.
  • Never cleaning their hair out of the drain.
  • Leaving a terrible smell behind in the bathroom.
  • Leaving wet towels and/or clothes on the floor.
  • Leaving the floor soaking wet.
  • Always leaving the toilet seat up.
  • Leaving hairs in the sink after shaving.
  • Hanging the toilet paper roll the “wrong” way.
  • Trying to talk to you when you're on the toilet.
  • Hogging the bathroom.
  • Spraying toothpaste all over the mirror.
  • Leaving the top of the toothpaste tube covered in toothpaste.

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