Bride may call off wedding over Fiance's limitations on her dress

A groom named Josh, took to Reddit to ask whether he was being unreasonable for not wanting his bride, Emma, to buy an "expensive" wedding dress she’ll only wear for one day. The dress she wants costs $950, which he thinks is just too much. 

“I'm not trying to get her to cheap out on her dress but she will literally wear it once, one dress for $1,000 is just insane [...] that would fund our honeymoon,” he writes, adding that he didn’t know why she couldn’t just find a cheaper dress. “I had a quick Google around at dresses online and there were so many! [A]nd so many just like the one Emma wants for like $50 to $100.”

Emma offered to buy the dress out of her own money but Josh says “we [are] about to marry and our finances will be joined,” adding now things have turned “nasty". “Emma has been extremely cold to me” and is acting like a “toddler.”

Emma has now pondered out loud whether or not they should get married?

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