The most and least trusted people are

It looks like the country’s faith in Tom Hanks has dwindled since “Reader’s Digest” named him themost trusted man in Americaback in 2013. According to a new poll, America trusts Google and Amazon more now. Actually the real headline to me is Americans don't trust anyone! Your primary doctor will tell you the truth was the #1 answer, but at only 50%. That means half of us don't trust our own doctor!

As far as people or institutions that you trust to tell you the truth the final 4 were "The News" 8%, "The Goverment" 7%, "Wall Street" 5%, and the least trusted is "Hollywood" 4%.

The tech giants nearly tops “Morning Consult’s” list of the most-trusted brands in the country, under only “your primary doctor” and “the military.” Amazon and Google are trusted by just about 39-percent of people, while only 34-percent trust Tom Hanks.

But it gets more interesting when you look at who people trust less than Hanks. That includes Oprah,“scientific studies,” “labels on food packaging,” and President Donald Trump.The least trusted? Hollywood, Wall Street, and the US Government, to name a few.

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