Teen is saved by online gaming friend in different country.

Aidan Jackson, 17, was playing an online game in his room in Cheshire England when he had a seizure. He was playing with 20-year-old Dia Lathora who lives in Texas when it happened. She says on the headset it became obvious that something weird was happening to Aiden. "I was asking if he was OK and then he stopped talking. I called emergency services in England and had an ambulance sent to his home.

Imagine the shock of Aidan's parents who were downstairs and had no idea anything was wrong with their son until the police and paramedics showed up at their door saying they had a call from America that there was an unresponsive teen in their home. Caroline and Steve Jackson say they rushed upstairs and found Aidan “extremely disoriented.”

We are extremely grateful for what Dia did. Thank God she had our address but didn't have any contact numbers, so it was amazing she managed to get help from so far away."

Dia got the address last month so she could send Aidan a small Christmas present for his gaming system. "I don't know what me think to send it to him. I play with about 6 other people regularly but he was the only I thought to give that to. If I hadn't gotten that for him, there would be no way that I could have helped him. It's like the universe knew that I needed his address to help save him."

Some say the universe, I say God.

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