The surprising secret to happy couples success

A new poll of 2000 Americans in "happy long term relationships" finds the surprising secret to happy coupling is more alone time alone! 

The survey finds:

  • 85% of people in a relationship say having more "me time" on a regular basis is the key to a healthy relationship.
  • 41% of people wouldn’t stay with a partner if they couldn’t have their time alone.
  • 82% say “me time” makes their relationship stronger.
  • Most couples say “me time” is more important to their relationship than date night.
  • 58% of folks encourage their partners to spend time without them.
  • The ideal amount of “me time” is 51 minutes a day, or six hours per week. 

So, what do people in relationships do when they get their “me time?” Well, for 60% of people they simply watch a TV or movie. Other perfect “me time” activities include:

  • Reading a book (56%)
  • Listening to a podcast (42%)
  • Exercising (38%)
  • Savoring a cup of coffee/tea (34%)
  • Having a meal alone (34%)
  • Going out dancing (33%)
  • Shopping (32%)
  • Going for a walk/leisurely stroll (32%)
  • Getting my hair done (31%)

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