14 year old TV star found dead in his home

Jack Burns who rose to fame on the show Outlander has died.

His parents discovered him unresponsive in his room in Glasgow. According to the Metro UK the cause of death has no been revealed but authorities also say they are not treating it as a suspicious death.

Well then release the cause! Police have recognized that the boy was a public figure of such interest that they had to issue a statement to the press. They don't do that for 99% of people who die of natural causes. But 14 year old's almost never die of natural causes! Especially if they don't have some preexisting condition like cancer. Since we've never heard of that, and he was studying ballet up till the day he died at the prestigious Elite Academy of Dance, nor was there an autopsy, we are left to speculate.

His funeral will be today according to his parents.

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