Kylie Jenner Spends An Amazing Sum On Security Every Month!

Kylie spends up to $400,000 per month on her own security squad!

So, what’s included in Kylie’s hefty bill? “Finest Execution Protection” prez Aaron Jackson has laid it all out to“Hollywood Life.”:

  • Drivers
  • Security escorts
  • At-home personnel
  • A few “gophers”: “the person that might work closed-circuit TVs or fill in for people that aren’t there,” Jackson explains.
  • Armored vehicles
  • Pre-planned travel routes
  • Visiting and surveying sites before the client’s arrival
  • Maybe even some security members “blending into the crowd” of an event or appearance

Jackson adds that the young star’s security team is a little extra compared to your average star – for example, $400K would get you “six to eight guards” per shift, while “most celebrities” would only use two. Considering Kylie’s now a billionaire, spending 9 million per year on security may not affect her bottom line too much.

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