Gwyneth Paltrow releases her insane gift list

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop released its holiday gift guide, and to say some items are ridiculous is an understatement. I'm imagining her teens Apple and Moses reading this and trying to figure out what they can buy mommy?

Some of the items on the list include:

  • $34 dollar toilet paper
  • Brass fire extinguisher for $250
  • A marble Connect Four set for $1495
  • A $300 dollar men’s razor
  • An Elvie pelvic floor exercise device that’ll run you $199 bucks 

And those are the “tame” gifts. Check out some of the things on “The Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide.”

  • A $250-thousand dollar Virgin Galactic trip to space
  • An endangered species tour that’ll run you about $1-point-3 million dollars
  • A custom family book for $75,000
  • A $16-thousand dollar kilo of caviar 

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