Is It OK For Your Boyfriend To Give Your Friend Family?

Abigail Gibson shared on Twitter that her boyfriend Max recently got her best friend Stephanie flowers to cheer her up after a breakup, and she thought it was sweet. “my best friend was cheated on by her boyfriend, and MY boyfriend bought her flowers just to show her that she deserves better than a cheater,” she shared. “he knows if he’s dating me, he’s dating my friends.”

Well, apparently the Internet didn’t think it was all that sweet, and was quick to turn things nasty, with many suggesting the boyfriend was either cheating with the friend, or will do so in the future, something that surprised the Abigail.

  • "I was shocked with the online reaction," Abigail told BuzzFeed News. "I didn’t think the tweet would get so much backlash."
  • Abigail adds that Max actually asked her if she thought the flowers would be “creepy” and she didn’t think so, since Max and Stephanie are good friends.
  • Max noted, “I wanted to cheer her up and do something nice for her and show her not all guys are so sh*tty.”
  • And apparently it worked, with Stephanie noting that it made her feel better, adding “I really appreciated the gesture."

As for the Internet reaction, it was pretty harsh, although there were a few people who agreed with Abigail that the gesture was sweet, with one person sharing, “If your friendships are healthy and your relationship is healthy you would understand the pure love in this.” Check out some of the reactions below: 

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