98 year old decides to start movement to help our country.

Glenwood, Minnesota resident Margaret Pederson is 98-years-old, and says "things are going wrong these days in part because my generation didn't do a very good job of giving the next generation the lessons they needed to be successful in life. So let's start right now. Don’t wait a minute longer."

Margaret started a “be kind” movement. Really it's a chain that she's knitting.She says she wanted to start a "chain reaction". It’s given her the chance to teach 60 high school football players, and hundreds of others, how to finger knit to keep the chain growing. As the chain has grown, so has her kindness movement!

People leave notes for each other, they leave posters all over school reminding others to be kind, Everywhere she goes, Pederson mantra is “Be Kind! Try It!!” The movement has spread farther than she thought it would. A local business even started making “Be Kind” t-shirts and they can now be found in 35 states and 13 countries. The spry woman reminds us that kindness is simple and will change the country for the better.

She also encourages seniors "you have to remember that you need to keep going!” Margaret is speaking on average to one school a week! She also travels to other states to spread the kindness. "If people could just learn to be kind it would change everything. We don't have to agree with each other just stop being so mean!"

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