Boy solves Halloween dilemma in awesome way!

Jackson Champagne is 8 years old and was going door-to-door in costume in Gambrills Maryland with his little sister Gracie and their aunt, when they came upon the Hodges home. The Hodges couldn't be home but wanted the neighborhood kids to enjoy trick or treating so they put out a bowl filled with candy for the night. But now the bowl Leslie had set out was empty. You can hear Jackson say "Oh no! There ain't no more candy."

His concern is not for himself but rather Gracie who is walking up behind him. He quickly reaches into his own bag and takes out 2 fist fulls of candy and puts it into the bowl.

The Hodges’ Nest camera caught the kind act on video and Kevin who was working his shift as a Firefighter. “I was actually watching it with the guys on my shift as Jackson dug into his bag and put candy in the bowl, so I immediately made a clip of it and sent it to (my wife) and said, ‘Check this kid out. You won’t believe it.’” Leslie immediately shared it on Facebook. She said "This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. What a selfless act from this little guy! ❤️ Kudos to his parents!!!"

NBC DC tracked down his parents and showed them the video. His mother Danielle said "I had a moment, a mommy moment, and I was, like, patting myself on the back, ‘Aww, that’s my son.’” Jackson's dad Tyler said “It’s something you try to teach your kids without pushing it on them or forcing it on them, you know, giving back.”

And if you watched the end of the video you'll see that his little sister Gracie noticed what her big bro was doing and decided to not take any more candy for herself, but leave it for the kids who were coming up behind them.

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