Phone case made to feel like human skin now available

We’re so close to our phones that someone’s decided to make them feel like they’re an extension of our body.

How are they doing it? With a skin-like phone case that responds to touch. Marc Teyssiner and his colleagues at Telecom Paris developed an artificial skin that can sense sliding, stretching, and rotation. Teyssier says the “Skin-On Interface” design came about after he wanted to be able to pinch his phone.

The skin associates different types of touches to different emotions, like tapping means seeking attention. Sudden hard pressure on the skin is associated with anger, while sustained contact and stroking are associated with providing comfort.

The next step for the three devices they have created -- phone case, computer touch pad, and smart watch -- is to add hair and temperature control to make it more realistic.

If anyone I know gets the skin case I will immediately unfriend you and change your name in my contacts to Hannibal Lecter so I remember to never take your call while you're speaking to me on that creepy phone