Volunteers Build Dream Treehouse For Terminally Ill Boy

A family in Raleigh North Carolina boy has been going through an incredibly difficult decade or so. The Cruz's had 3 sons. Jonathon, Christian and Lorenzo. A few years ago the family found out all 3 boys have a rare genetic disorder called Adrenoleukodystrophy also known has ALD. 1 out of 18,000 have ALD and it's terminal with no known treatment. However the last few weeks of life can be expensive as their brain shuts down and medical care is needed to keep patients as comfortable as possible while they pass. Jonathon died in 2017 at age 15. Christian died this past May at age 11. Lorenzo is 8 and thankfully has not shown any signs of the disease but Doctors confirm he has it too.

His parents have been wiped out financially caring for his 2 brothers. When ABC Raleigh told their story last month one of the questions asked was is there anything Lorenzo wants that money can buy? He said a "cool treehouse". That story somehow found it's way to Pennsylvania, where a nonprofit started by a teen while she was going through a rare disorder of her own known as V.A.T.E.R. Syndrome, announced that she would build it!

Jamies Dream Team works to lift the spirits of people who are terminally ill or seriously injured, rounded up 17 volunteers and rolled down to NC. A few days later Lorenzo had his cool treehouse. His treehouse has a Spider-Man theme and is decked out with a bunk bed, table and chairs, iPads, and an Xbox. They even considered what his condition may be like in the future so they built ramps and other things to allow Lorenzo to enjoy his treehouse for as long as possible.



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