Know this to win Brantley Gilbert concert tickets

Be the 9th caller Friday morning around 6:30 at 803-978-WCOS (9267) when we ask you to call, know the answer to this trivia question, and you'll win two tickets to see the Brantley Gilbert concert Thursday April 23, 2020 at the Florence Center.

Which of these crazy headlines isn't true?

Dental hygienist losses license for treating his wife. True. Here's the link

Florida Church now sharing space with strip club. False. They bought the strip club. Here's the link.

Digital garbage can knows when and how to take itself to the curb. True. Here's the link.

College student blames IRS for sending him refund checks totaling a million dollars after he filed false returns. True. Here's the link

IRS tells Congress that they audit the poor more than the rich because it's easier. True Here's the link

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