Know this answer to win front row tickets to Tracy Lawrence Christmas show

Be the 7th caller Friday morning around 7:15 at 803-978-WCOS (9267) when we ask you to call, know the answer to this trivia question, and you'll win two 2nd row tickets to see Tracy Lawrence Christmas concert at the Township Auditorium December 5th.

Question: Adjusted for inflation what is the biggest box office Christmas movie?

Answer: Home Alone. It was the top selling movie for 12 weeks straight between November 16, 1990, through the weekend of February 1, 1991. Interestingly Home Alone was initially a Warner Bros. production but they bailed on it due to rising production costs. 20th Century Fox took over the project, and its budget grew from $14 million to $17 million. Unadjusted for inflation, the final worldwide box office for Home Alone was $476.68 million through 1991. It's since generated another billion in revenue over the past 29 years in merchandise and licensing agreements. The Warner Bros exec who decided to cut it loose probably was making the Macaulay Culkin shocked face back during holiday season 1990.

Here's the entire list of top grossing Christmas movies.

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