High School Sweethearts marrying 60 years after 1st date

A couple who met and fell in love in high school are finally tying the knot, after 63 years. Annette Adkins and Bob Harvey met way back in 1955 and were high school sweethearts. He tells USA Today; “I fell madly, totally and 100% in love with her.” They danced to Johnny Mathis at their Junior prom.

But during her Summer vacation, Adkins met someone named John and broke things off with Bob. He says she broke his heart, and his Senior year was miserable, but he moved on. She ended up marrying that other John after high school in 1957 and Harvey met and married someone in 1959. After after his wife died in 2017 Bob started thinking about his life. Annette was still on his mind all of these years later! “I wondered what our children would be like," he said. "A couple of months ago, she was heavy on my mind. I googled her.” That's when he discovered that Annette's husband had passed away in 2015.

At the same time Annette had been going through an old box of photos. She was looking at the happy prom photos and thinking of Bob when he suddenly appeared in her in box! They talked for several days, and she asked if he could drive from his home in VA to Ohio for a visit. I left the next morning at 5 AM and drove 500 miles to see her. When she opened the door around 4 PM she was blown away! He held my face in both his hands and he kissed me. It was like 1956 all over again.”

Now the happy couple is set to say “I do” in just a few weeks. They’re both 80 now and they’re finally getting their happily ever after. “I think sometimes I can’t love her more,” Harvey says, “but then there’s tomorrow.”

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