Duct Tape Is Being Used In Unlikely Places

Duct tape is being used by everyone to repair everything! A new survey by Duck Brand finds:

  • 51% of Americans currently have something in their house that’s being held together by duct tape.
  • The average person is using duct tape as a temporary fix for seven things in their home.
  • They leave the tape on for at least eight days before getting something properly fixed.
  • 37% are using duct tape to fix something in their cars.
  • 88% of people say duct tape is the first thing they reach for when something breaks.
  • Another 78% of people believe it’s “magical.”

So, what are the most common things in homes being held together by duct tape? Well, plumbing and pipes are the most popular (48%).Other things folks are using duct tape on include:

  • Hose (47%)
  • Vehicle (35%)
  • Toilet (34%)
  • Cut/wound (32%)
  • Book (26%)
  • Garden tools (22%)
  • Laptop/computer (21%)
  • Shower (20%)
  • Bike (19%)
  • Cell phone (19%)

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