Sisters fighting over naming either a dog, or a son, Waylon

Choosing a name for a baby can result in some family feuds, especially if siblings want to use the same name. Well, now one woman on Reditt says that’s exactly what’s happening in her family, although with a bit of a strange twist.

A woman shared on Reddit that she and her sister are feuding over the name Waylon, but it’s not that they both want to give their child the moniker. The poster explains that she never intended to have kids, but had told her family many times that whenever she got a boy dog she planned to name the pooch Waylon. Well, the woman finally adopted a dog, but soon found out her sister is pregnant and planning to name the baby, you guessed it, Waylon. 

“I was finally able to get a dog and excitedly called my parents to tell them about him,” she writes. "That's when I found out my sister was pregnant again and naming her kid Waylon. With it being such an uncommon name and her not being a country music fan, I KNOW she got it from me."

Now it turns out the mom-to-be is the one that’s furious, and is demanding the woman change the pooch's name, arguing, “it’s just a dog.” The poster than adds, "Am I the a***** for refusing to change his name because it's something important to me?"

  • Most people don’t think the poster is completely in the wrong, with one noting, “Not the a*****. Make sure you create your dog a Facebook account so everyone can add him,” while another suggested they call the baby “human Waylon.”
  • Others note that while she isn’t wrong, it’s just a dog and should maybe reconsider. "It's clear your sister had chosen this name and your dog does not care what its name is,” one person noted, while another added, "Your attachment to this name is not deep if it's from a country singer. Morally you are not obligated to do s*** but would it make you an a***** not to give up a name your sister has vocalized interest in? At least among your family, yes."

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