Good News Story: Injured player helped off field by opponent

As KDKA Pittsburgh reports, when the Oil City Oilers played the DuBois Beavers, it was a high scoring affair between two equally matched teams. Dubois scored with 5 seconds left, cutting the lead to one, 55 to 54. Rather than tie it up with the extra point they decided to go for the walk off win with a 2 point conversion. The play didn't work. But while everyone was celebrating the win or grieving the loss, one player helped his opponent and showed what’s really important.

Oil City’s Cam Russell saw Zach Shilala, limping to the sideline with an injury. Before any of Zach’s teammates could get to him, Cam went out to help. Everyone’s focus turned from the score to the sportsmanship and the act of kindness from one player to another.

Here's an interview with Cam and other folks close to him like his coach, parents and others. Cam talks about the importance of sportsmanship. "No one should ever disrespect their opponent. We should all be trying to help each other when possible"

Whatever Cam attempts to accomplish in life I have a feeling he is going to be a huge success! As for Zach he's a fan of Cam's too as you can see in his tweet below.

The actual video of Cam helping Zach is below the tweets.

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