Navy admits those UFO tapes are real

In December of 2017, three videos were posted online that showed supposed footage taken by Navy pilots of what appeared to be Alien Spaceships. Some folks over the past year an ahalf tried to brush it off as doctored videos or perhaps not even being from the Navy.

The first was shot in 2004. The other 2 are from 2015.

The Navy addressed those videos and confirmed those videos are in fact real and feature, "unexplained aerial phenomena." The spokesperson for the Navy added that those videos should never have been released.

#FunFact Tom Delonge quit his rock band, Blink-182, to devote all of his time to proving aliens are real. He started a foundation,To The Stars Academy with their stated goal being to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.They're the group responsible for releasing one of the videos!

Now keep in mind that the Navy isn't confirming that what we saw on the videos are definitely alien spacecraft or that they were piloted by aliens but the term "unexplained aerial phenomena" means they have ruled out any other explanation.

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