She Texted The Wrong Number And It Help Saved Her Friend

Abby Fink was trying text a church friend, Alex Jakeman, about bringing his family dinner. Alex's four-year-old son, Noah, was fighting for his life in the ICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. But Abby was off by one digit. Her text reached a man named Bill, but when he learned what was going on, he wanted to help.

Bill started raising money on Facebook and asking his network for cards, blood donations and money to help the family with medical expenses for Noah, who was in respiratory failure. Bill wanted people to send the boy cards so when he woke up he would “see himself surrounded in love from the community.” The hospital says the blood donations helped save the boy and the family says the money will save them from selling their home.

Bill said he isn't a religious person, but believes that "all we have is each other, so it's our job to look out for each other." The single dad says, "It made me realize that no matter how hard that can be, I'm super lucky. My biggest reward for this is having an opportunity to teach my son the lesson of charity.”

Is this God's way of reaching Bill? I guess that's for Bill to decide. But we have new friendships, a family's home saved, and a good news story for all off us.

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