Teacher Wins 5 Million But Keeps On Teaching

If you ever needed proof that teachers aren't in it for the money let me introduce you to Brenda Simpson of Millersburg OH. Brenda teaches in a Head Start program, a federal program that provides early childhood education to low-income children and loves helping those kids. Last month Brenda hit the grand prize on a $20 scratch-off ticket and is $5,000,000 richer today! She's leaning towards choosing the payment of $250,000 a year for 20 years. That's a huge salary increase! So when she shared the good news with her coworkers, they asked, “Are you even coming in tomorrow"? "Of course" she responded! "I'm not going anywhere. The only thing that will change is the kids in my class will never want for any supplies"!

Simpson says the only real change at her house will be "I told my husband he can retire.”



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