Ranking the 50 states on happiness

What makes a state happy? Well, that may be different things for different people, but a new report claims to have figured it out, and named the happiest state in the nation.

WalletHub looked at the 50 states across 31 key metrics, including depression rates, income growth, sports participation rate, physical health, sleep rates and more to determine the Happiest State in America, and gave the honor to Hawaii. Hawaii scored a 66.48 out of 100, landing at number one for emotional and physical well-being, although they are at 12 for community and environment, and all the way down at 25 for work environment. Here's the entire list.

I can't speak for all the states, but I've lived in a bunch including Maryland, NY, OH, NJ, VT and of course my birth state of CT. For them to rank CT as the 10th happiest state, NJ at 5, Maryland at 8, NY at 15 and SC way down at 29 is insanity! I do agree with Ohio at 37. I'll also point out that if people are so happy in these states why do CT, HI, and NY lead the nation in states losing population?



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