University of Tennessee Creates New School Logo

The University of Tennessee is having a rough go to start the football season. They have lost their first 2 games, something they haven't done in 31 years! But real fans support their schools no matter what! And that's what a 4th grade boy in Florida was trying to do during his school’s “College Colors Day,” so he made his own shirt. He drew a “U.T.” logo on paper and pinned it to his orange T-shirt.His classmates were not impressed and verbally tore him and his shirt apart.

His teacher Laura Snyder, wanted to cheer him up by buying him an official University of Tennessee shirt and posted on Facebook a picture of the boys shirt and described the situation. She asked if the school could do anything for their fan in Florida. U.T. fans helped her post go viral and the college sent a package full of swag and clothes for the boy.

But the University of Tennessee went next level and turned his “U.T.” design into an official shirt. Even better? A portion of the proceeds from the shirts will go to theSTOMP Out Bullying Foundation. Snyder says when she told the boy the good news, he “walked taller” and she “could tell his confidence grew.”

If you want to buy the shirt, they sell for $14.99 and here's the link.

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