Is This Realtor Crazy?

The owners of a 28,000-square-foot house from the 1800's in Adelaide Australia who have contracted a Realtor to sell it for them. The owners are self described "Halloween enthusiasts" who have an extensive collection of costumes and decorations. The realtor has decided that these items may help sell their home. I haven't spoken with my wife Angela about this yet, but she's a Realtor as well and her standard advice is to clean the home of clutter and make it so people can imagine their stuff in this house. Also warm and inviting seem to be words that buyers are looking for. This Realtor seems to be advising the exact opposite! Dark, possibly demonic, and cluttered are their buzzwords. And this house isn't getting a discount. In fact it's listed for just over a million dollars!

The listing even says it may be haunted so scaredy cats should stay away!

If this strategy works I can imagine realtors changing their message to sellers. In fact I've always wanted to do a parody video of today's HGTV shows. This would be called "That 70's Realtor". It would be set in 2019 but I'd be dressed from the 70's. As I walk through a new home with buyers I'd say things to them like "We can get some shag carpeting to cover these ugly wooden floors and we can simply paint those kitchen cabinets a dark green to make them look modern". And "don't worry about the lack of structure all of this free flowing open space, it can be closed in with some walls rather inexpensively".

Times change, and what was once in goes out of style. So are haunted homes with lots of stuff in them the new this for the 2020's?

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